Reuzen van Wetteren


Our first cross duathlon ever! Didn't know what to expect, but without a doubt it was one of toughest races we've done so far. Highly underestimated ;-)

The race started with a 9K off-road run, followed by 46.5K of mountain biking and another 6K off-road run. It wasn't raining during the race, but it was pouring the days before. So, the track wasn't only tough for being technical but also for its muddy and sticky surface. To top it all, it was only 4°C!

Pieterjan started well, had a good pace and kept it until the end of the first part of the race. Thijs was following at 5 minutes, but the change to the bike turned the table... Thijs is an excellent MTB'er and caught Pieterjan already in the first 15,5K lap. Biking got only worse and worse for Pieterjan, so he quitted the race just before the final MTB lap.

Thijs pushed through and thanks to the Squeezy gels he even had some energy left for a last push in the final part of the race!

After 3 hours and 35 minutes Thijs finished this exhausting race as 64th! Well done!

All results can be found via this link.